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DTFC - Supporters Club Membership

Please consider joining the Deal Town F.C. Supporters Club. The aims and objectives of the Supporters Club is to promote Deal Town Football Club and to organise fund-raising activities and to assist in the match day running of it and also provide social activities and benefits for its members.


Benefits include:


          Monthly newsletter, this will be sent by e-mail for members with the Internet or by post if the member has no access to the Internet. The newsletter will provide information about forthcoming events, news and other club related news.

          Many discounts, due to the amount of discounts on offer a full list cannot be displayed on this page, instead you can view the full list by clicking the link at the bottom of the page which will list all discounts available to members.

          Access to social events arranged by the supporters club.

          Personal Accident insurance up to the value of 1000. This insurance offers our Supporters cover whilst attending any football match played under the Rules of the Football Association and in any clubs ground or stadium. It also gives cover to Supporters travelling to a Social Event at a venue other than the Supporters Club premises.  

          Hiring of the clubhouse, write to Bob Chivington at the address at the bottom of the page for more information.

          Members Children can be a mascot for the day and speak to the players and have photos taken etc

          Programme service, for members who were unable to make it to the game programmes can be sold at cost price.

          From the start of the 2004/2005 season two children, (11years and under), accompanied by a Supporters Club member paying adult can gain free admission to both first team and reserve team matches (with the exception of Cup matches), by producing their membership card and childs pass. This is part of Deal Towns determination to return to being a community-based club.


Also it is an ideal opportunity for supporters of Deal Town, whether you go to watch them or support them in other ways, to have your say in how the Football Club is run. The most important factor of having a Supporters Club is that any money raised by it can be given to the Football Club as a donation, free of any tax liability. This is perfectly legal.


The Supporters Club runs as a separate Club, with an elected Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee and will endeavour to pursue the interests of Deal Town Supporters, by making them heard through the Committee, so your opinions are important.


What is the membership cost?


Adults: 5.00 (per year)

Children: 2.50 (per year)

O.A.Ps: 2.50 (per year)


As you can see, prices are far from expensive and discounts you receive by being a member will cover your membership cost in a matter of weeks.


How do I apply?


Applying is simple, all you have to do is send your contact deatils along with the appropriate payment to Bob Chivington. Address found on conact us page. Don't delay, you could be savins 's with the DTFC membership scheme.



Members Discounts